Christian hunter. ( class mate )

Christian hunter is 20 years old lives in long beach. he is majoring in economics in cal state long beach. he liked to travel and would love to go to japan. he also likes to be out door.


week 12 : Jess calderon ( artist )

Jess calderon is a student at cal state long beach. his style of work called ( Aztec danza ). he has been working on his projects for four years. he basically painted a mix of type Hispanic heritage which looked pretty amazing and colorful.



Since I came to California a lot of things have changed in my life. am not talking about the major changes like the weather or the culture in here. am talking about the small things for examples these pictures.


This is what I call a perfect timing, taking my 30 minute asthma feeder in the hospital. opened the tv and one of my favorite show started and by the end of the I finished and left. youll never gonna see that happened in my country..  



2- I don’t think there is any better Halloween costume better than this !


Capturing the most boring day of my life!!



Raily hamsler ( artist )

Raily is 24 years old studies in cal state long beach at his senior year, he’s working on getting a bachelor degree in fine arts in 3D. he chose to work with metal because it suited him better. after graduating from long beach he will continue working on his talent which is to design rings or any king of shape that seems valuable. but how ironic he uses copper because its cheap. but it still great work.


This week am gonna talk about my favorite type of film, and my favorite type is black comedy films not movie.



1- Pulp fiction: pulp fiction is one of my favorite because its one of the best black comedy I have ever seen. plus the cast are

amazing …. must watch !! 



2- reservoir dogs: reservoir dogs one of the top scrip’s I have ever seen. a film was made with a budget only of 15000 dollars and made millions!!


3- Do you wanna see a classic and great black comedy. here is another great film from a great director. a film that combines many great actors as well but few to recognize. but it has all the aspects of a great film.


4- Rokenrrolla 



Alfredo garcia ( classmate )

Alfredo Garcia is 18 years old studies in cal state long beach as a freshman. his hobbies skating, plying video games, soccer. he also supports the Lakers.

Alfredo Garcia is a barber as well. he started to learn from youtube which helped him a little. another amazing information about him and that is he cuts his own hair. how amazing is that !   

week 3 : jazmin urrea ( artist)

Jazmine urea studies in at cal state long beach and she 23 years old and she commutes from L.A  and she’s into hip hop music. I will describe what was the show about. imagine entering a room which has all your favorite type of junk food. I found cheeseburgers lying on the floor and I sow candy bars every and varieties. her point that the room represent the junk food in America.