Online social networks facilitate connections between people based on shared intrests, and

Values. They make it easier for people to find and communicate with each other, as if they are

Sitting next to each other. Social networking has spread amazingly over the nation, even the

Older generations are trying to use the social network to keep up with the rest of the world.Social

Networks can be used also in many fields,not just connecting people with each other,it can also be

Used for advertising and some public announcements.


      Everybody in our days uses social networks , because its much easier and more

convenient. People use it when theyre traveling so they can communicate with their families and

friends , in order to keep in touch. Some people use the social network to share their own

experience with others , and that’s how some of them become friends. For example one of my

friends was using one of the social network sites , and he had a comment on one of the pictures

that was browsed on the site  , and he got replayed for it. After a while I reminded him about the

the comment and he told me that they got along and started hanging out.


   There are several different types of online social networks , for example some of the most used

by people for socializing is FaceBook  , Facebook has been world widely spread among

teenagers. There are many studies focusing on the negative impacts of Facebook, such as privacy

interference , internet bullying and addiction. However , most of these studies have

overemphasized  its side effects rather than paying attention to the original purpose of Facebook,

strengthening the connection between people.Some say facebook a stronger bond between people

, friends and families. People can share pictures with each other , you can also share a music

video and people comment on what you have just shared , and you can replay simply by “One

Click” and that’s how you can create a bond.


      Social network could also be used as a tool for advertising. Some companies are trying to

sign up in these social networks , specially the most popular ones , such as Facebook and twitter.

So they can advertise their new product, so other people who are using the same social network

could see them. Another example of one of the best advertising website is craigslist. Craigslist

is another type of social network were people can sell or purchase any item they want, cars ,

clothes and any other things that could get the interest of other people , even you.


      Social networks is an online website that people in our days and all around the world use to

communicate with each other , share intrest ,and create new friends. Its very easy and convenient

so that everybody can use it. Also social networks could be used in many different fields, such as

advertising and announcements.